Our growth strategy

We strive to offer Nordic consumers the best online shopping experience, with a carefully curated selection of over 600 mid- to premium fashion brands, around 200 beauty brands and industry-leading delivery times. Our customer focus has resulted in a strong Net Promoter Score of 71 on Boozt.com.

We offer a complimentary assortment of fashion categories including clothing, shoes, accessories, sportswear, beauty products and soft home. Instead of searching for specific brands, most of our customers prefer to browse and mix and match different garments and products. Resulting from strong relationships with the brands, Boozt offers a combination of local and international brands, existing and new, that are relevant for Nordic customers.

We categorise our brand partners into three categories: premium brands, mid-market brands and entry brands, where we mainly focus on mid-market and premium brands, as these categories carry a higher average item price and hence contribute to a higher average order value. Entry brands also have considerably shorter sales periods and significantly shorter order lead times than those of mid-market and premium brands. Our brand portfolio includes:


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