Our Value Proposition

Boozt utilises a number of strategic components to create a Scandinavian power brand. This is inclusive of what we stand for, of our core value proposition and of maintaining the same message, no matter the audience.

We focus on many areas to build the Boozt brand, but we have chosen to hone in on five. These main areas include developing the customer experience, strengthening the relationship with our brands, the brand selection, utilising an in-house home-grown system and choosing sustainable infrastructures for future expansion and the environment.

1. Customer loyalty and the customer experience

Establishing loyal customers while developing the customer experience is imperative to our future profitability and strengthening our brand recognition.

In 2016 and 2017, we made numerous developments to improve the customer experience. To further enhance the customer experience, we improved the user interface of our web stores, created better search functions, offered express delivery for premium customers. Advanced product recommendations, a more responsive helper widget, better navigation and filter options have all contributed to the more ultimate user experience. Finally, the number of our existing customer orders has grown by 20% through rewards and surprises.

Home delivery

2. Brand Partners

Building a bond between our brands is also essential to Boozt. To further improve efficiency when interacting with our partners, the Partner Portal was introduced in 2016.

With more than 800 registered external users, the majority of our brand partners now use the portal as the primary tool to exchange information with Boozt. By choosing to work with Boozt, brand partners gain access to a highly attractive customer segment on the Pan-Nordic market via a single, reputable partner. Our Boozt Media Partnership allows brands to benefit from our extensive customer data, create targeted campaigns, and engage and convert audiences. Together with brands, we build digital campaigns on- and off site relevant and engaging for all audiences. Using our own extensive data regarding on-site behaviour, brand preference and purchase history, we are able to identify target audiences with 100% accuracy.

Boozt Media

3. Brand Selection

We carefully select our brands to cater to our customer audience. Boozt has chosen to focus on building a strong Nordic customer base and brand, this is seen in our curated and contemporary selection.

Consisting of over more than 500 brands relevant for customers with preferences for Nordic style fashion, we strive for Boozt to be the destination for Nordic fashion followers. Our brand selection has been built on local Scandinavian and select international brands. Our product and brand offering at each of our segments is broadening with each season.

4. Integrated Technology Platform

Having control over our systems supports our ability to control and develop the customer experience as well as enhance our value chain and logistics. Since its inception, Boozt has continuously invested in its technology platform in order to deliver a customer-focused fashion experience.

Referred to internally as the “Solar System”, Boozt’s integrated technology platform is founded on home-grown systems, which are complemented by prominent third-party systems. The systems are complementary and built on open standards. Our integrated technology platform brings several benefits, such as the efficient product handling, control over the work flow and efficient processes that enable the organisation to grow while still providing an outstanding customer experience.

5. Infrastructures for the future

Our Boozt HQ and the Boozt Fulfilment Centre are investments that facilitate our long-term expansion as they both operationally support our future growth and our focus on sustainability.

In April of 2016, the Boozt head office moved to an environmentally certified office in Hyllie, Sweden. Just one year later in the April of 2017, our tailor-made Boozt Fulfilment Centre (BFC), in Ängelholm, Sweden was completed and fully operational. The focus for sustainability in our day-to-day operations firmly establishes our priorities in sustainability and the longevity of our company and the future of our planet.

For more, please visit  Sustainable operations.


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