Values, Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the leading player in Nordic fashion e-commerce.

Our mission is to deliver an outstanding online fashion shopping experience with unrivalled customer service.


Our company is founded on 3 fundamental pillars

Our principles are founded on the pillars of trust, freedom & responsibility. These 3 pillars empower us as individuals, keep us inspired within our teams and build a more resilient company.

  • Trust. Some things in work and life are unmeasurable. To create an innovative environment, we build upon the unmeasurable qualities, like trust and strong relationships. These are the essence bringing the heart and soul of Boozt to life.
  • Individual freedom is necessary for our success. Freedom includes the ability to explore projects within our work and the opportunity to move organically within the company. This creates a strong culture encouraging initiative, leadership, and new ways of thinking.
  • We believe in full freedom as long as we act in Boozt’s best interest. With freedom comes responsibility and accountability. You are in control of the tasks you are assigned and you alone can govern your own work ethic. The quality of our work is not only a representation of Boozt but also of you, the individual behind the task. The responsibility and pride you have behind each task are important!

Every day presents new challenges and new opportunities. The trust, freedom, and responsibility we instill in each other and within ourselves help us strive to own and learn from our failures and the fearlessness to share them so we can all grow. It is by coming together as individuals that we can be a more unified team.

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