Group Management

The Group CEO leads the Group Management team which consists of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Purchasing Officer (CPO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communication (IRM). The Group CEO leads the work of Group Management. Group Management meetings are held weekly and focus primarily on monitoring of performance and strategic and operative monitoring and development.


The Group CEO is responsible for the daily operation of the Group in accordance with guidelines and instructions from the Board of Directors. The division of work between the Board of Directors and the Group CEO is set out in the rules of procedure for the Board of Directors and the written instructions to the Group CEO.


The Group CEO is also responsible for the preparation of reports and compiling information for the board meetings and for presenting such materials at the board meetings. According to the instructions for the financial reporting, the Group CEO is responsible for the financial reporting in the Company and consequently must ensure that the Board of Directors receives adequate information for the Board of Directors to be able to assess the Company’s financial condition.


Among other things, the Group CEO must focus on recruitment of senior executives, buying and logistics matters, the customer offering, pricing strategy, sales and profitability, sustainability matters, marketing, business development, and IT development. The Group CEO reports to the Board of Directors and makes the necessary preparations for taking decisions on investments, expansion, etc. The role of the Group CEO includes contact with the financial market, media, and legal authorities.


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