Risks & Risk Management

Boozt works continuously to identify, assess and evaluate risks to which the Group is currently exposed to, and risks that are probable to occur in the foreseeable future. Risks are identified, assessed and managed based on the Group’s vision and goals. The Group uses the following categories to manage risks; Financial-, Strategic-, Operational- and Compliance risks.

Operational risks are continuously evaluated within the daily operations. Management related risks are continuously reviewed by management and documented by the Internal Control Function. Group Management reports monthly to the Board of Directors on potential risk issues. The Board of Directors are responsible to the shareholders for the Group’s risk management and formally assess risks annually or more often when needed.

Identified risks are assessed regarding the probability of occurrence and impact if occurring. The effectiveness of existing risk responses (such as safeguards, control activities etc.) are qualitatively assessed. The residual risk is illustrated and considers the effectiveness of all current existing risk responses. All identified risks are documented in a risk map and further explained in a risk register, internally called Boozt Risk Library.

Risks can be mitigated through proactive actions, such as insurances or legal agreements, and in some cases, the Group can influence the likelihood of a risk-related event occurring. Other risks are not possible to eliminate, such as risks dependent on political decisions, or other macroeconomic factors. If a risk is related to events beyond the control of the Company, work is aimed at alleviating the consequences.

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