Our Responsibility

While being focused on Nordic fashion, our working ethic mirrors the values of the brands we are supporting. We cherish what is functional, minimal, democratic and inclusive. Every employee, vendor and customer contributes to our success. We understand the obligations we have in our workplace, environment and communities, and are committed to setting the right priorities for achieving a higher standard in our workplace and local communities.

We will present a full detailed report documenting how Boozt places sustainability at the forefront in 2017.

Our Approach

Boozt recognises the damaging effects of the fashion and ecommerce industries and also takes responsibility to protect the environment. Consumption of natural resources has a detrimental effect on the planet and our lives. We have, therefore, placed sustainability at the forefront of our day-to-day operations so as to limit the footprint we leave behind. We understand that we exist in a society of constant change and we are working to implement more recognisably sustainable business practices in all areas.

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