Code of Conduct

The Boozt Group Code of Conduct stipulates how we communicate, operate and act against each other internally at Boozt but also with regards to external stakeholders of all kinds. The core values for our employees are trust, freedom, and responsibility which determines the basic foundation for everything we do. We should act with mutual respect and confidence with each other. We believe in respect and trust of each other and promote a responsible culture of openness and accountability.

The Boozt Code of Conduct applies to directors, officers, employees and others acting on behalf of the Group.

Our code of conduct covers the following areas:

Social Responsibility

Explains how we support international human rights as written in the UN Declaration and related conventions, how we work to prevent discrimination and harassment, and how we respect freedom association. This further states our non-tolerance of child labour or forced labour within our own operations, and within operations of our partners and vendors.

Business ethics & integrity

Describes how we conduct business in a responsible way, respect confidentiality, abstain from corruption, bribery or money laundering. This includes not accepting gifts from suppliers and how we treat price sensitive information, intellectual property, protection of personal data and associated areas.


Presents how we strive to be an example in our value chain regarding the consideration of environment and nature.


States the governance structure and how we work with risk management and internal control to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies.

Download our complete Code of Conduct:

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