Sustainable Operations

At Boozt, we take responsibility for the environmental impact of our value chain. Our everyday operation is an area where we can govern the greatest immediate difference. We reflect our commitment through the choice of our Boozt Fulfilment Centre, our head office and our packaging.

The Boozt Fulfilment Centre (BFC)

In April 2017, our new tailor-made Boozt Fulfillment Centre (BFC) Ängelholm, Sweden was fully operational. The centre is custom built to deliver convenience and designed to allow for fast delivery, with a next-day delivery offering to the Nordic region. The BFC is an investment that will facilitate our long-term expansion as it operationally supports our future growth.

Catena AB, our strategic partner, is building the centre that encompasses 43,500 square meters, and has given us an option of expanding up to a total of 77,000 square meters at the new location.

Besides giving us the possibility to grow significantly, we will be able to reduce costs within all major areas. Moreover, the new BFC meets Boozt’s desire to have increased environmental consciousness, since the building is Green built.

As a central part of the BFC, Element Logic delivers an Automated Storage and Retrieval System called AutoStore. The system is equipped with 130,000 storage bins and 130 picking robots, and will be one of the largest Autostore installation in Scandinavia. The system handles approximately 90% of the goods flowing through the warehouse and is fully integrated with Fastlane, Boozt’s proprietary warehouse management system. The Autostore enables us to create a more efficient picking process, thereby cutting costs significantly. An option to build additional capacity was already included in the contract with Element Logic, encompassing further automation going forward.

Boozt Robots

Autostore at the Boozt Fulfilment Centre

Environmentally Certified Head Office

In 2016, we moved our headquarters to eXlent Hyllie, a building constructed by NCC certified according to BREEAM. BREEAM is the world’s strictest environmental certification system, where the building is evaluated with respect to several established benchmark values including energy and water consumption, indoor climate, pollution, transport, building materials, waste management and property management processes.

boozt meeting room

Sustainable office space at the border of Sweden and Denmark

Packaging – Reuse & Recycle

All customers are offered free 30-day returns. Sold goods for and Booztlet are shipped in bags with resealable closures. These are both user-friendly and environmentally efficient as the packaging is encouraged to be reused for our easy-returns as well. We prefer to ship in bags rather than boxes as this leads to lighter packaging, less bulk and therefore demands less trucks to carry the goods to our customer.

New negotiations with packaging providers were executed to strengthen the pursuit of greater green solutions in 2016. By replacing a numbers of box versions with new ones containing more fibre, we achieved our goal, while simultaneously lowering costs. PVC products have even been replaced with PP types. Significant savings on material as well as a better and more cost-efficient delivery system is in place.

Boozt packaging

Our packaging is made from recyclable materials and is re-usable for easy returns.

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