Smarter product flows

It is essential for us to find smarter product flows in our operations. Smarter product flows can be understood as the using and discovering of processes within our daily operations which are more effective, efficient and sustainable. Creating smarter product flows can for example mean shorter processing times for customer orders, utilising renewable energy, lowering CO2 emissions and finding a biodegradable solution for our bags shipping customer product. The areas where we have the most control when creating smarter
product flows are through our head office in Hyllie and our logistic & fulfilment centre, the Boozt fulfilment Centre (BFC), in Ängelholm.


A major focus for our operations is finding ways to reduce the fossil fuel dependency in our packaging. In 2017, we improved the composition of the material used in the Boozt. com bags, increasing the recyclable material from 50% to 80%. These mixed plastic bags were approximately 80% of all outbound packaging material in 2017. The conversation about what constitutes an environmentally better option is not so simple. We acknowledge that plastic is not sustainable, but this has been the preferred packaging solution for transport as they are durable, smaller and lighter than cardboard packaging. Being aware of the negative impact of plastic on the environment, our aim is clear, we want to avoid fossil plastics and focus on shifting to biodegradable bags.

In 2018, we introduced bags with fossil-free material carrying product from our warehouse to the customer.


With our biodegradable bag initiative, we hope to inspire our brands and suppliers to follow suit. In 2019, to address issues we’ve had with the biodegradable bag quality, we will continue to research more durable and sustainable material for our bags.

Energy efficiency at the Boozt Fulfilment Centre

At 42,000 m2, our fulfilment centre is the largest building within our operations and demands the highest energy consumption. A GreenBuilding certified facility, our operations at the fulfilment centre are driven by energy efficient and modern technology. In 2018, we had solar panels installed on the roof of our fulfilment centre bringing us one step closer to being fully energy self-reliant. Total energy consumption for the BFC, our office in Hyllie and leased cars amount to approximately 1500 MWh for 2018. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, scope 1 emissions from leased cars amount to approximately 85 tonnes CO2. For scope 2, emissions amount to approximately 24 tonnes CO2, including electricity consumption and estimates for district heating at the BFC and at the head office in Hyllie.


Solar panels at the Boozt Fulfilment Centre


As the use of e-commerce in everyday life increases, it is imperative that we anticipate and mitigate the environmental impacts of shipping and transportation activities. We aim to optimise the efficiency of our transport in various ways, not only for customer to receive their orders in a timely and reliable manner, but also to reduce our impact on the environment. Our operations work closely with transport partners to optimise internal and external flows in the supply chain to minimise CO2 emissions and other local impacts.

Shipping and transport

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